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About Us

poshens creator Colleen Coadic, has studied and practiced integrative and energy medicine for three decades - as a:

 - teaching master & practitioner of Traditional Usui Reiki,
 - nationally certified, licensed massage therapist
 - manual therapist trained in many bodywork modalities 
 - soon to be Level 1 & 2 nationally certified aromatherapist
  -nationally certified yoga Instructor

Colleen's interest in the chemistry and effects of 'potions'
was seeded by her grandmother, mother, and aunties who made 
magic and medicine of Everyday foods. 

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 - Colleen Coadic

PoShens Creator, Founder

Colleen Coadic, LMT, t-URM

first skincare PoShen, age 7: cocoa & baby powder, intended for my baby
brother's diaper rash. Hydrophilic was not a word in my vocabulary at that time.The intention was right.The formula...not so much.

40,000 capsules

to fill with PoShens!

PoShens Founder

By age 10, my PoShen recipe notes
were written next to my grandmother's and mother's which I'd re-invented in favor of whole foods, herbs.
Already experimenting with body and energy work,
I noted their effects in my 'liner' notes  too.

By the time my maternal grandmother, grandfather, his four brothers,
my mother's three siblings, & my dear mom, were diagnosed, had warrior-ed
suffered & passed from cancer - I was well into my research & experimentation with PoShens. 
I worked to craft gentle, powerful protective, empowering healing care products, alternative delivery systems,
& overall power-house supplements as a means to super-charge & promote healing.

Treating 28 years of massage and energy clients' challenging health issues, their existing medical protocols and medication side effects, their everyday health & skin challenges...pain, injuries, insomnia, stress - has given me much insight into what we can all benefit from in our daily health products. PoShens need to effective, and all natural for increasingly health conscious consumers' various common health challenges; symptom relief, support heal the underlying cause(s), provide adequate supplementation to fuel and empower this process - in easy use formulations.
Sixteen years as medical advocate & caretaker for my since deceased husband's' daily severe hemophilia, *HIV, *Hepatitis C, *severe asthma, and related daily life & death experiences - day after night, after year, bedside to him, added invaluable pieces to the remaining PoShen puzzles I was working out. We used these products to improve and prolong his daily life, in so many ways. 
Without a doubt, PoShens HAD/HAS be all natural, organic, potent, easy to use - with no danger to existing medical protocols and folks' existing health challenges. And so they are. Of course, do check with the doctor you're working with regarding existing medical protocols before using PoShens.
You are, after all, unique. You deserve optimal health. 

Love & intention meets science - to make PoShen seem like magic.
THIS is what people deserve as empowering, every day, healing care.
*acquired from hemophilia treatment products of that time

Dr. Marshall and my ten year health partnership has served to steadily increase our belief and knowledge  in natural medicine - and our strong desire to be in service to community, offering effective, potent, accessible healing solutions for everyday health challenges, utilizing super-charged products we use everyday.

​Dr. Marshall, D.A.CM.,  (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine), is a multi-state  L.A.c., (Licensed Acupuncturist), a Dipl.A.c., (Licensed Diplomate of Acupuncture), Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, (MATCM), and is a long time disciple/well

known instructor of Chinese Classic Healing Arts.

Early years spent on the family farm: education and conversations via both grandfathers;

one a well known farmer, the other a 

world renowned surgeon, exposed

Ryan to botany, natural medicine,

and allopathic health care,


Dr. Ryan Marshall


D.A.CM.,L.A.c.,  Dipl.A.c., MATCM



In China and India, Ryan studied and worked with with traditional Chinese

and Indigenous herbs, (and patients), in clinics, and with world class

Indigenous medicine teachers.

At Yo San University, California, immersed in multiple botany and herbalism

programs, he began his first herb garden in his Venice, CA., backyard. 



With decades of certifications and teaching credentials, in multiple therapeutic 

natural wellness practices, Ryan's decades of ongoing studies continue to grow his interest in the powerfully therapeutic effects of natural herbs, which are a primary part of his clinical practice, and of PoShens.


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