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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where can I purchase your products? 

A) Our spray and other products can be found right here in our online store, and in carefully chosen local Alaskan and Lower 48 holistic and wellness clinics including:

Core Healing: 2008 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, Alaska

Valley Orthopedic Wellness and Massage, 1700 E Bogard Rd suite a 203, Wasilla

Look for our upcoming announcements of upcoming locations.

If you cannot find our products in the natural wellness shops and clinics you frequent - please let the business know you’d like to see PoShens on their shelves!


Q) I’d love to buy your products but the website doesn't appear to work. How can I order? 

A) First, try switching browsers. Various browsers get finnicky (technical word). Google Chrome tends to work best. If this doesn't work, kindly email us at - so we can vanquish the web gremlins.

Q) I tried to buy one of your products but your website says it is out of stock. When can I make this order?

A) We are so grateful for customers' enthusiastic response to our products, and are working hard to maintain stock during COVID interruptions to supply and delivery services.

The good news is - because we are a small batch company, your replenished PoShens will be potent, and fresh from production.  

We like to give our mailing list and ongoing delivery subscribers first notice of promotional codes, inventory announcements and other product related news - as a thank you for supporting natural, local, small business.

Kindly sign up for either for advance notices. Pinky swear, we promise to send only occasional emails, and will NEVER share or sell your contact information to third parties. 

Q) Wait, subscription!?

A) Yes! There are some benefits to COVID cocooning habits, including shopping online, and have your favorite PoShens delivered to you, since they are everyday use items, before you run out! We'll offer subscriber discounts and send you news of sales, new products etc., in a monthly short email just ahead of announcing such news online - as a thank you to our loyal PoShen users!

Q) How about samples?

A) Sure. Please request a sample of a product you're interested in. We gladly send them out with orders over $50 - so we're not paying for shipping, or asking you to. All products save PRE and GO PoShens can be effectively tried via sampling - since PRE and GO are optimized by developing at least a two week baseline of everyday use before you'll begin to maximize benefits. 

Q) How can I pay for my order?

A) We accept Paypal e-transfer, and credit card payments on our website.

Pay with cash, debit or credit card at any of our retail partner locations. We thank you for supporting their local, small businesses as well!

Q) How do you ship?

A) We USPS flat rate deliver all PoShens. If first class is cheaper (smaller orders), we'll ship this way.

As we expand, we hope to offer inexpensive shipping to Canada and other countries. Weight and size are the expense determining factors for international shipping. We suggest after your first PoShens order, you re-order our refill sizes: lighter, and keeps waste down since you already own your PoShens initial container(s).

Q) Who can use PoShens?

A) Typically, our concentrated transdermal and spray products re safe to use on people (and some animals),  6 months and older. Our oral PoShens are quite concentrated, and some ingredients may not suit use in children or animals. Essential oils, active ingredients in our spray and transdermal PoShens, can be difficult for babies in utero, and under 6 months old to process - therefore we recommend diluting transdermal PoShens by 50%. 

Kiddos or extremely sensitive folks can also dilute PoShens up to 50% for effective, safe (and even longer value) use. Please check in with your doctor and/or veterinarian for advice if you have a concern.

Check with your family doc or vet before using oral PoShens - which contain ingredients not suited to everyone's, and every animal's unique health situation. 

As with any transdermal products, particularly oil based, or containing lemon essential oil, skin sensitivities can develop at any time. Test on a small patch of skin -  if skin or scent sensitivity is a concern.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

If you're switching from commercial based products to PoShens, you may experience skin changes.

Don't panic. Spray and transdermal PoShens are formulated to not only be effective for the everyday use you need them for - but for aiding in healing-whole, and also the underlying causes of symptoms.

Pit PoShen aids and accelerates the release of long stored toxins, including those used in commercial deodorant products, at a vital, delicate, sensitive area. Sometimes there will be an adjustment period wherein your skin behaves differently. Please click on our 'more information' buttons for any PoShen product you have such concerns with.

Natural oil and butter based products (PoShens: zero water for maximum concentration and value) can occasionally accumulate under the armpit areas of clothes (Pit PoShen), or on light clothing when used generously. Less is more with all our products - but when more is too much, we can help.

Allergies or sensitivities? Let us know, we can and do vary formulas. Health first!


Q) Can PoShens harm my cat?

A) Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils, and essential oil-based products, since they lack a liver enzyme needed to effectively break down and process essential oil compounds. Essential oils are natural active ingredients in our spray and transdermal products; great for humans, dogs and horses.

If Fido shares a home with Kittie, we recommend not using our spray or transdermal PoShens on Fido, if Kittie tends to groom Fido. 


Q) How do I apply the sprays? 

A) Shake then spray. Magnesium Spitz is best applied at pulse points, (wrists, back of knees, elbow nooks.)

Do spray it liberally on restless legs (RLS fav), or directly onto injured or tired tissues/muscles.

Protect-Shen Air/Surface spray: spray yourself, your hands, closed air spaces, on surfaces, including door handles, common areas, at work, on common surfaces when traveling. Hint: airplane overhead buttons, seatbelts, arm rests, and aisle seats are more commonly virus/bacteria afflicted than even airplane bathrooms. Do not drink Protect-Shen Spray. Do spray the outside of your mask to add an additional barrier.

TTT Boom Bug Protect-Shen PoShen (coming soon), can be liberally sprayed on any exposed areas of skin, including under loose, breezy clothing. Light spray over casual clothing works, shouldn't stain.

All PoShen spray and transdermal products contain oils - so often, less is more. Use your discretion.

Take care to protect your eyes when applying any of our PoShen sprays, oils or butters. Spray dogs similarly, or spray or rub PoShens into your hands to rub PoShens into ski  of humans, kiddos, or dogs.

This is also the best way to coat Fido face.


Q) How often should I re-apply transdermal or spray PoShens?

As often as you'd like. Remember, less is more with our concentrated transdermal products. 

For outdoor PoShens, Sun Protect-Shen and TTT Boom Bug Protect-Shen, we suggest a general reapplication time of two hours, to accommodate for swimming, excessive sweating, or 24 hour Alaska sun days, er, nights.


Storage, shelf life?

Store in a cool, dark storage location as possible. Menopausal symptom women report they prefer to store their transdermals in the fridge for an extra 'aaaahh' of relief. Motion PoShen applied cold can be an extra luxury. Our sprays can take any climate.

PoShens maintain an approximate shelf life of two years. Keep covers on containers for maximum potency.

Q) Is TTT Boom Bug Protect-Shen PoShen also a tick repellent?

A) Yes. It's a highly effective, all-natural tick repellent formula we're fine-tuning at this time. 

Here in Alaska ticks are juuuust becoming buggers. In highly tick populated areas we recommend packing a Tick Spoon (we've posted an easy 'how to' video for Tick Sppons DIY'ers), and we recommend checking for ticks when spending time in nature with exposed arms, legs, neck - since it's easy to sweat off your application in hot climates, or while involved in sweat provoking outdoor activities.


Q) I'm just not liking my PoShen. Can I send it back for a refund?

A) Sure. In the interest of waste and expense, consider gifting your PoShen. We accept return PoShens that are 80% un-used, within 30 days of purchase, and just ask that you pay return shipping. We're always interested in feedback to improve our products, and understand your PoShen product experience. Thanks!

Q) Is my PoShen okay?

A) Natural butters can sometimes do funny things. Being manufactured in Alaska, where we have two seasons basically, extreme summer, extreme winter, or when shipped in varying climates on the way to you, can lead to butter beading, noticeable when you open your magic PoShen. The 'wee beads you see will melt in your hands or on your skin upon application. Sweating: when the oils separate to the top - is caused by extreme temperature changes. It's common in oil based products using no chemical preservatives or emulsifiers. Remix with your finger: done! We prefer to add less to no water, less air, (more concentrated, more value to you), which allows us to forego using un-natural preservatives and emulsifiers.

Q) I’m a wellness clinic, or retailer interested in selling your products in my shop. Can we talk?

A) Of course! We do offer wholesale pricing at a minimal buy-in, and are always excited to have fellow natural products advocates join our community. We've limited ourselves to known-to-us organizations in order to preserve our product quality and reputation.   

Email us at:, and we can arrange a phone conversation as well.

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